Aerial Yoga

Sunday: 10:15a- 11:15a
At Tula Yoga Wellness


Unnata Aerial Yoga® is an opportunity to elevate your practice… literally!  (Unnata is Sanskrit for elevated)  Yoga poses (asana) performed in a fabric hammock are balanced with poses on the mat to create a practice that will deepen awareness on many levels, and bring a new dimension to your asana practice.


Gentle +

Monday: 12:00pm- 1:15pm
At Yoga Center Retreat


Honor the body of the day with a gentle yoga practice built around the ancient yoga principles of ‘sthira sukham asanam’ or ‘steadiness and comfort of the pose.’ Come to discover the benefits of slowing down and tuning into the wisdom of your body. A light hatha-style asana practice will flow through standing, seated and supine postures while integrating deep breaths and an open mind, followed by postures that allow for restoration.  A class for all ability levels and good for those living with chronic illness, injury, or dealing with major life transitions.


Restorative Aerial Yoga

Tuesday 7:30p-8:30p
Imbue Yoga Studio


In this relaxing and restorative practice we use the aerial "silk" as a tool to soften, stretch, and massage the fascia gently while enjoying restorative postures. No experience required. 


Asana Stretch

Wednesday 7:30p-8:30p
Six Degrees


This class is designed to increase flexibility and decrease discomfort and tightness in the body. Using teacher-assisted Thai Massage based stretches, restorative postures, and massage, your tension just melts away.